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2007-08-21: v0.10 first version online (7h).
2007-08-23: v0.11 search tag cloud with 1 tag (3h).
2007-09-08: v0.12 minor changes (2h).
2007-12-04: v0.13 tag frequency limit and first statistics (2h).
2008-04-20: v0.20 design changes and string escaping (2h).
2008-06-07: v0.21 minor changes (1h).
2008-07-22: v0.22 multiple user accounts (1h).
2009-05-01: v0.24 backup and minor changes (2h).
2009-12-07: v0.30 nested queries for tag cloud search (2h).
2010-03-21: v0.40 flockadd with tag suggest (2h) and statistics (2h).
2011-03-13: v0.41 index with tag search (1h) and sorted tag results (1h).
2011-03-18: v0.42 bugfix time, bugfix add parser, replacetags(), graphviz beginnings (3h).
2011-07-30: v0.43 new online editor, bugfix title, turing test, import beginnings (2h).
TODO Feature:
* delete urls
* top tags as clickable / addable list on the side of flockadd.php
* mass inport of url lists in txt, html, text forms
* automatic backup to folder
* check duplicate urls
* check integrity of urls: active, broken urls etc
* change / update / delete tags
* visually useful "to read" tags.
* graph connections between the tags
* research spam / security issues / google bot crawler
* visualize timeline of tags... popular tags per months, etc